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Reliance Jio vs Airtel

Welcome to ,In the past few days, Reliance Jio has been launched their tariff plan in which they provide all the details of data plans, voice calling and messaging. Jio is offering all their plans with a validity of one month, i.e all the plans are based on a monthly basis. By watching these plans of Jio, it seems that the Reliance will revolutionize the telecom market again as happened in 2003 when Reliance launched their CDMA handsets. Reliance has launched their preview scheme, under which over four billion users are using Jio and if this will keep going in the same manner, then it will be impossible to stop Reliance to come over all the telecom companies.


Airtel seems to be number one contender for the Reliance telecom over the last few years and we have also seen that in the last few days Bharti Airtel has reduced their data plans by a huge margin. Now, Mukesh Ambani has launched the low-cost data plans which look so cheaper than that of Airtel.

The initial plan of Reliance Jio will offer 10 GB 4G data for one month and cost only Rs 50 whereas Airtel offers 1 GB 3G/4G data for Rs 259. This shows that Reliance Jio is like an insane for the people who are internet lovers in comparison to Airtel who are steeling your pocket.

After the TRAI’s regulation lift over, Airtel has announced the one-year data recharge scheme. In the scheme, Airtel prepaid users can take a plan of Rs 1,498 in which they get a benefit that they can pay only Rs 51 to get 1 GB 4G data for one month. The scheme should be valid for one year only. It seems to be a decent offer but doesn’t look better than the offers provide by Jio.


Reliance Jio offers monthly data up to 60 GB per month, which is a huge data provide by any telecom company. The plans show that you can get 60 GB of 4G data valid for 28 days by paying Rs 400, but the major competitor Airtel offers only 20 GB data per month after paying a huge cost of Rs 1,989. Even, Bharti  Airtel said that “ Reliance is a clear winner in this segment”.

By connecting with Reliance Jio, you get many offers related to voice calls and messages. But on Airtel, you won’t get any sort voice calls and messaging plans. This point is also to be considered. However, Reliance is providing  free voice calling and free messaging with their each plan subscription whereas you have to pay for every voice calls and messages while using Airtel.

So, it is so clear that Reliance is a winner in each and every aspect of people who want to enjoy the internet as well as for the people who want to talk more, as they can make free voice calling while using a Jio sim.

Note:- The scheme launched by Reliance Jio will come into existence from 1st January 2017.

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