{Updated} How to get jio for unlimited time

We are here to provide all the information to convert your limited Jio 4G data into unlimited data. There is a trick by which you can convert your 2GB 4G data into an unlimited plan which provides free calling and free messages also but for 90 days only. This can work any 4G handset instead of handsets tied up with Reliance 4G services such as LYF handset and Samsung handsets. This is the exclusive and the preview trick to convert 2GB Jio 4G data into the unlimited 4G plan.

reliance jio trick to get unlimited internet

Trick to get unlimited reliance jio 4G


You have to get a Jio sim to enjoy its data plan with free calling and free messaging.

First of all you have to generate your mobile’s bar code and if you’re facing any problem then go for these steps:-

  • Open the Jio official website.
  • Check your phone compatibility, if it comes under Jio compatible phone’s list, then go for further proceedings.
  • Download the latest version of My Jio app from Google play store.
  • Connect with Jio 4G net through hotspot created by any of the Jio users.
  • After connecting to Wi-Fi, open your phone setting> apps> My Jio.
  • Clear Data and restart your phone.
  • Now open My Jio app in which you are asked to install all Jio apps.
  • After installation, an option occurs “ Get Jio sim” or “Get a sim”
  • Go for it and fill up all the required details, they will ask to receive an OTP.
  • Type the OP to get a bar code through which you can get a Reliance Jio 4G sim.

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Now, you get the Jio sim and after activation process, you will get 2GB 4G data only, this happens due to not taking Jio preview offers. By not taking Jio offers, you only get 3 months calling and data for free in limited access. But we are going to share you the bypass trick by which you can convert your limited data into an unlimited plan for 90 days.

Working trick for reliance jio data limit by pass

Here is the trick for you

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  • Uninstall all the Jio apps for your Android device.
  • Download My Jio app.
  • After installing My Jio app, uninstall all the other apps and install the Jio apps.
  • Go for http://jio.com/getmyjio from your device (mobile, PC, laptop) and sign up for a new account through your new Jio number.
  • After completing the installation process of all the apps, switch off your mobile data and stop all the running apps from the background.
  • Open My Jio app from your app list.
  • An option will appear to Get Jio sim above sign up and login.
  • Choose Get Jio sim.
  • After choosing the option, you gets disconnected from the internet.
  • Now, again switch on your mobile data and move back.
  • Go to sign in option.
  • Enter your Jio mobile as ID and password.
  • Now sign in.
  • Wait for a while and after that you will get an immediate popup in which you can see that you have got unlimited data, calling and SMS option as a preview.
  • Go for submit option.

Now, you activated your limited data plan into an unlimited data plan for three months.

Note:- If Submit option is not appearing, repeat the steps from step 5-15.