[Honest] Jio internet review

My Honest jio internet review

Welcome to jioguru.com When people came to know about Reliance Jio, they thought that their dreams come true to enjoy the internet for free initially. But Mr. Ambani revealed the data plans of Reliance Jio which will be applied to users from January starting. These plans seem to offer more affordable data plans in comparison of data plans offered by the other companies such as Airtel, Vodafone and much more. Well, you can see that the prices of data plans of all the telecom operators are on a hike and they are not afforded by a common person. But after the launch of Reliance Jio, the price of data plans, as well as calling plans seem to fit in the pocket of everyone. You just need to pay a definite amount of money to acquire Jio services and in return, you get free voice calling and lots of data.


The only obligation with Jio sim is that, it is compatible with only 4G devices and it is also compulsory that the device has to be bought from the Indian market. The sim is openly available in the market. All you need to get the Jio code from and mobile and grab the sim for free from the market till 31st December 2016. Jio SIM cards have also been issued to many companies which is the part of an enterprise plan.

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When to talk about the experience of using the internet through Jio sim, people say that it is decent and also better than other internet providers, but itโ€™s not dazzling. When it comes to an enterprise plan, employees of that company get the pre-activated sim. They donโ€™t have to install any of the apps to use the internet, even without installing My Jio app. But they are suffering for calling purpose as they donโ€™t have a VOLTE compatible phone which is necessary to get access to free voice calling through Reliance Jio sim.

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One of the biggest issues with the Reliance Jio is the way that data services works. When you use it, then only you get to realize that the Jio slim is good for calling purposes right now. But the overall services are decent while comparing with the services provide other companies. The signal strength of Jio net varies from place to place as when to move from one floor to another, the network signals get disconnected whereas connecting on several times. The same thing happened while doing jogging in the park, which shows that Jio network is not going well at the present time.


But when Jio connects with a proper network, then it provides high-speed internet which is almost three times of speed providing by the other network providers. Overall, Jio has to face to face the challenge of network connection variability, and the Jio team is also focusing on it. Hope that, they will solve this problem of connectivity as soon as possible.