[Detailed] Jio prime offer Detailed Guide Explained Clearly

Jio prime offer detailed guide to save some money

Jio prime offer is creating a buzz in the telecom industry,I guess it’s the best plan in telecom right now, Jio prime offer has been a buzz in India for quite a lot of time now,so what is actually reliance is offering us with data and calls. Here we bring a Jio Prime offer detailed guide.

jio prime memebership plans in detail

JIO Prime offer Detailed Guide:

Prime Plan Data details Validity
RS 149 2 GB data monthly 30 days
RS 303 plan 1 GB daily capping limit 30 days
RS 499 plan 2 GB data capping limit 30 days
RS 999 plan 60 GB monthly 30 days
RS 1999 plan 125 GB monthly 30 days
RS 4999 plan 350GB monthly 30 days
RS 9999 plan 750 GB monthly 30 days

So basically to enjoy this data plans,you need to subscribe to jio prime offer.Β Meaning reliance introduced a new scheme or you can say a membership. so basically what jio was doing by starting this Jio prime membership it want to filter out the dead users from it’s network.

You need to subscribe to their plan with a minimum fee of Rs.99 to enjoy the services for another year.You can have all the privileges but there is a catch you cannot get 1 GB/day with a recharge of RS.303.you can recharge with various plans after subscribing to jio prime offer.

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Calls and SMS are completely free for lifetime until you recharge continuously. There is a 90 day grace period for recharging if you don’t recharge with any of the above plans in the grace period you may end up deactivating your account.

So how to subscribe for jio prime offer membership ?

Simply go to the official site jio recharge portalΒ and submit your number,recharge your mobile with any plan.You can recharge various jio devices from that portal.

Any benefits for subscribing jio prime offer ??


  1. Unlimited Calls hell yeah!..
  2. Unlimited SMS ?? absolutely sir.
  3. Roaming charges- No charges across india.
  4. Students get a 25% extra data with a valid ID proof(a feast for engineering students).
  5. Aur kya chahiye ?? bolo ambani ko bol dunga =D